4 drinks that helps your body

Keeping a proper hydration is essential for each of our organs and tissues to function properly, but sometimes our thirst asks for more than just water, and fortunately there are other drinks that can also help us maintain good health.

1. Infusions

Infusions are a great choice for those wishing to add a little extra flavor to the water, and are easy made. We just need a jug or a bottle with cold water and add a couple of things to get extra benefits:

  • Mint or fresh peppermint: Improves digestion.
  • Crushed red fruits: Antiaging.
  • Slices of orange, tangerine or lemon: Strengthes the immune system.

By adding certain natural elements to the water, we’ll enhance its advantages and eventually we’ll feel with more energy and obtain hydration with an extra shot of flavor.

2. Carbonated water with fruit juice

The carbonated drinks sold in stores and supermarkets have the same harmful amount of calories and sugar than a soda. If you’re one of those who can’t ignore the bubbly drinks, try to made them at home. You just need to add 30 milliliters of your favorite fruit juice to a large glass of sparkling water, and you’ll get a great taste for less calories.

3. Oral electrolytes

This is a great option to keep our body hydrated, especially for those who are exercising and keeping an active lifestyle. 

Suerox will especially help those who exercise daily, replenishing the minerals that are lost during training.

4. And of course, water!

Drinking a large glass of cold water during a hot day can be very refreshing and even necessary to replenish the fluids that the body loses through breathing or sweating. And the best of all: no calories at all! 

Providing our body with the necessary fluids is essential to keep us healthy, but there are other options besides water that will give us delicious taste and increase the benefits it has on its own. Whatever option you choose, remember to always stay hydrated.


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