3 ways to avoid dehydration

If you’re over 18, you could have suffered some level of dehydration at some point in your life. But the fact that this is normal doesn’t mean that we should stop taking care of it, or else we can suffer all kinds of consequences such as dry skin, urinary tract diseases or kidney stones.


Here are 3 ways to avoid suffering the terrible symptoms associated with dehydration.

1. Don’t let the thirst come

Yes, the most common symptom of dehydration is thirst, but contrary to what many people think, this isn’t a sign that a problem will begin: this is a sign that the problem already exists. The lack of water alters the balance of electrolytes in the blood, which causes the sensation of being thirsty and the variation of the body’s performance.

No matter what activity you perform: if you’re on the computer all day or you travel from one place to another throughout the city, try to always have with you a bottle of water or juice, that give you a shot Instant hydration.

2. Check the color of your urine

It’s not about how many times you go to the bathroom in one day, but the type of liquid you expel. The color of urine is a great indicator of hydration in the body: the darker it is, the higher will be the level of dehydration.

If the color of your urine ranges from a light yellow to a transparent tone, you can be sure that the amount of fluids you’re consuming daily are enough to keep your body functioning; but if the tone of the colour goes more towards a bright or dark yellow one, it’s necessary to replace your lost fluids.

3. Eat foods with high water content

We must stop thinking that the amount of fluid we need for our body to function comes totally and completely from pure water.

Each food we consume daily contains a certain amount of that valuable fluid, which adds up to 20% of the total water we need. Think about the food, vegetables and fruits that you try throughout the day and complete the process with all kinds of drinks such as milk, juice, coffee, tea and even beer.

Water is vital to keep the proper functioning of the body. Before you can start feeling dizzy or have headaches, consider consuming a little more fluids in your daily routine. We’re sure that you will notice a change in your mood and health, which will greatly influence in your lifestyle.


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